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Take Control of Your Finances with MobiMoney

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October 19, 2020

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First Family Credit Union

In a time where cybercrime and identity theft are on the rise, it’s more important than ever to keep track of your spending and utilize fraud prevention services. Family First has measures in place to monitor and flag suspicious activity but it’s important to have a second line of defense. Our security partner, KnowBe4, gives members access to a variety of resources to keep you aware of different cybercrimes and identity theft prevention best practices. Their goal is to educate members about cyber security so that you can rest easy knowing that your finances are safe. Another great tool to further protect your finances is MobiMoney, an easy to use app available for anyone who uses Family First debit or credit cards to help regulate spending and monitor card activity. 


What is MobiMoney? 

MobiMoney is a free mobile app that makes managing your expenses convenient and easy when you’re on-the-go. With its various features, controlling your spending has never been easier. Some notable features include: 

1. Card Controls 

 With the click of a button, you can control your Family First credit or debit cards usage by restricting purchases and giving yourself boundaries for your spending. This means that you can easily turn cards off and on, set travel notices, restrict purchase types and set spending limits. An added benefit of this app is that not only can you utilize this for you own spending, but also for your child. With these controls, you can monitor their spending and transactions so that they are protected as they start spending their own money. 

2. Card Alerts and Notifications 

MobiMoney allows you to set notifications so that when a transaction occurs you can review the transaction amount, card location and status, and the transaction and merchant type. This gives you a step up in the event that a fraudulent transaction occurs. In a moment, you can deactivate your card and report the fraud to your financial institution before the situation spirals out of your control. 

3. Mobile Banking 

Like typical banking apps, MobiMoney allows you to see standard financial information such as account balances and transaction histories. You also have the ability to make intra bank transfers! 

How Can I Get Started? 

These protection services can be used in conjunction to give you peace of mind that your cards and finances are in your control. To get started on your financial journey, check out our MobiMoney page or contact one of our experts today! 



Sarah has worked with Family First for the past two years – in her previous position she was a financial service representative and certified financial counselor.   

Sarah recently moved into the Marketing Department. As the Branding and PR Specialist for Family First, Sarah manages social media helps coordinate new programs, promotions, and community outreach for the credit union. Her goal is to help show people the value of being a member at a credit union and share all that Family First has to offer.  

Sarah loves that she can use her knowledge from working in the front office to better understand membership, resources and products the credit union has available. Sarah is also a member of their Branding, Employee Appreciation and Implementation Committees  

Sarah holds in-depth customer service experience and graduated with her BFA in Graphic Design from Fredonia in 2018. 

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