Family First Direct

Family First Direct

Get Trusted Family First Financing Right Through the Auto Dealership

With at-the-dealer financing, Family First Direct will make the process convenient, easy and quick when you’re looking for a new or used car. You will be able to get the same great rates you would usually get when you’re right there at the dealership.  Take these three easy steps, and you’ll be on the road in no time.

  1. If you’d like to research new and used vehicles and dealer inventories, go to our Autosmart On-line Car Buying page
  2. Once you’ve found the car you like, go right to the dealership. Click here for a list of dealers who participate in our program 
  3. Mention Family First Direct right there at the dealership to apply for the loan.

If you’re purchasing your new or used car through a non-participating dealer or a third party, take a look at our other auto financing options.

You can also visit our Auto Loan calculators to see how much your monthly payments will be and how much car you can afford.

If you have any questions about the Family First Direct At-The-Dealer auto financing program or any other lending options, please don’t hesitate to call a Financial Service Representative at 585.586.8225 or e-mail us.