Mortgage Member Rewards

Member Mortgage Rewards

Mortgage Member Rewards is an exclusive Family First Federal Credit Union benefit that provides additional discounts at your mortgage closing based on your level of participation with the credit union. Mortgage Member Rewards is designed to provide the greatest value to those who utilize Family First’s products and services.


When you use products such as checking accounts, debit cards, credit cards, vehicle loans, mortgage loans and retirement accounts, this helps to grow the credit union. By investing in the credit union, you allow us to provide our members with more benefits.


Member Rewards levels are calculated based on the number of selected services you have (or will have at the time of closing) and can reduce your closing costs by up to $200!  It’s all about your relationship with us and what we can provide to you.


It is easy to achieve a level and enjoy a valuable reward.  At the time of mortgage closing if you have three (3) selected services noted below, we will provide a Lender Credit towards your closing costs of $150.  Have more?  With four (4) or more selected services, a Lender Credit of $200 can be obtained.  Contact us to learn more about our Mortgage Member Rewards program.  Select services include:


  • Checking or HSA account with direct deposit (or ACH from other institution) of $250 or greater per month
  • MoneyLine
  • Auto loan
  • Unsecured personal loan
  • Home equity/improvement loan
  • IRA account (Roth, Traditional or SEP)
  • Certificate of Deposit or Money Builder/Market account with a balance of at least $10,000 guaranteed after closing

At the time of closing, if you have at least three (3) selected services, we will provide the Lender Credit.  Contact us today to find out how you can get this process started!