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Business Bonus Checking offers great benefits

We want to make your days easier by taking care of the little details so you can focus on your bigger picture. At Family First, our business cash management tools can help you do that. Contact Deb Baker at 585.586.8225 x202 about our new Bonus Checking for Business account. If you have questions about our other business products and services, call Alan Tomidy at 585.689.5703 or e-mail him at to get started.

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Introducing Bonus Checking for Business - A true interest-bearing checking account! 

With Bonus Checking for Business, you'll be able to earn interest on your checking account monthly.  This isn't a one-time bonus! Check out how much you can earn by keeping your average daily balance within these ranges:

$1,500 - $49,999 - 0.50% APY

$50,000 - $99,999 - 0.75% APY

$100,000 + - 1.00% APY

In addition to these great rates, add an additional 0.05% to your already interest-bearing Bonus Checking for Business account just by adding Merchant Services or a VISA Credit Card to your account. 

You'll also have the following benefits: 

  • No Minimum balance to open the account requirement. You must maintain a $1,500 balance to receive interest.
  • No monthly maintenance charge
  • Free Business Debit Card
  • Merchant Processing
  • Apply for Business Loans and Lines of Credit
  • Free online/mobile banking & bill pay
  • First 500 transactions free
  • $1,500 Courtesy Pay 

Enhanced Business Checking:

  • $5,000 Minimum Balance
  • Earning credit based on checking balance
  • Free Business Debit Card
  • Free online/mobile banking & bill pay
  • $1,500 Courtesy Pay
  • No dividends are earned on this account


Ready to grow your proverbial nest egg? Check out these options - you'll earn even more with Family First’s great rates.

Savings    Certificates    Money Market 

View our business checking fee schedule and business account disclosure here.