Have Your Statements Sent Electronically

Family First continually looks for ways to reduce costs while providing our members great service. One way is by offering electronic account statements (e-statements) due to the lower cost of producing and sending an email compared to a paper statement. Electronic statements cut production costs by 53% and let us focus on more important things, like better rates and greater benefits for our member owners!

We send you an email when your statement is ready for viewing. Simply follow the link or go to our home page to log into your online account to review the statement. You get the information fast and you reduce paper clutter, saving trees.

To begin receiving e-statements for your account, follow these easy steps:

  1. Log into Home Banking at the top of the page (If you do not currently access your account via home banking please contact Member Services to begin the enrollment process.)
  2. Go to the “Additional Services” menu
  3. Click on “eStatements” and follow the prompts to opt in

For those that require a paper statement, they can still be made available, but fees may apply to cover the higher cost of production. Talk with one of our FSR's if you need to explore that service. Please call us at 585.586.8225 to speak to a Financial Service Representative if you have questions.