Welcome to online banking. Be prepared. Handling your finances is about to get easier.

How to enroll in online banking in three easy steps:

1. If this is your first time enrolling, your USERNAME will be your member ID. (Your member ID is your main account number.)

2.  Your PASSWORD is the four-digit PIN assigned to you when you first sign up for your account. See below. 

3.  After you log in, you will be asked to set a permanent USERNAME and PASSWORD that is more convenient for you to remember. Your new password will have to be a minimum of 8 characters and include at least one letter,number and symbol.

Welcome to online banking!

If you are still unable to log into your account, please contact us at 585.586.8225.

Important Information: Your PIN number is provided at the time your Family First account is opened. If you did not receive one, a Financial Service Representative can provide a PIN after a few verification questions.  Please note: This is not your Debit/ATM PIN number.