Beware of this new check deposit scam.

Created 174 days ago
by Guy Taddeo

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Family First has become aware of a scam that usually targets young people who have access to an ATM/Debit Card. A fraudster contacts someone (a "helper"), most often via social media, and makes a deal to deposit a check into the helper's account. The scammer then withdraws half (or another amount) of the money and leaves the remaining half for the helper to keep.

These checks are fraudulent, and the helper becomes an accomplice to the crime and is responsible for all the money withdrawn. In some cases, the helper gives the scammer his or her ATM/Debit Card and PIN number, making it easy for the scammer to withdraw more money from the account.

NEVER let anyone make a transaction into or from your account and NEVER give out your ATM/Debit Card and PIN. Be very suspicious of any promise of free money.

If you feel you may have been the victim of fraud, call us immediately.