Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a free service that allows you to have your paycheck, government check, pension or annuity automatically deposited into your Family First FCU account. Whether you are working in Monroe County or another country, save time, eliminate the chance of a lost or stolen check and increase your savings by having your payroll funds directly deposited and disbursed among your accounts anyway you like.  

To authorize a new payroll direct deposit, simply download the direct deposit form, complete it and submit it to your employer's Human Resources office.

For Government checks, contact your local Social Security office to set up Direct Deposit.  Social Security’s toll free number is 800.772.1213 or visit

Information you will need:

The Family First FCU routing number is 222382593. 

Your 13-digit checking account number (the number directly to the right of the routing number on your checks).

Payroll Deduction
Increase your savings through payroll deduction, by having a portion of your paycheck directly deposited to your savings account.  It is an easy way to save without having to think about it.  Payroll deduction can also simplify your loan payments.  With each payroll, have an equal portion of your loan payment automatically deposited.  Then, on the due date of the loan, we can automatically make the loan payment transfer for you.