Discount Tickets To Area Attractions And More

Enjoy all the benefits of membership.  Family First FCU offers discounted pre-paid admission tickets to a variety of local attractions and events. Tickets can be purchased at the teller lines in any of our branches. Some tickets are only available seasonally.

Discounted Tickets:

LOCATION: Member Price  (Regular Price)

Sea Breeze

$32.99 ($35.99 at the gate) We do not have tickets for those under 48". 

 Darien Lake $39.99 w/ parking pass ($44.99 at the gate)
 Delta-Sonic $14.00 ($14.99 regular price)
 Regal Cinemas $9.50 ($10.00 regular price)

Also available at regular price:

USPS Stamps: $11.00*
VISA Gift Cards: $3.50**
VISA Reloadable Cards: $4.95 - purchase** / $3.00 - reload**

Items listed on this page are sold only to members.
*U.S. Postage Stamps are sold in books of 20; no individual stamps sold. Number of books that can be purchased is dependent on supply and stamps are sold at current postage rate.
** This charge is in addition to the value of the card.

These prices are effective as of 6/11/19 and are subject to change.