Notary Public/Signature Guarantee

Need a Notary or Medallion Signature Guarantee?  This service is available at all of our branches; however, it is best if you give us a call to schedule a time so we can ensure a licensed staff member is available.  Don’t sign your documents until you get there because you must sign in the presence of the Notary or Signature Guarantee administrator.

A Notary is a designation allowing individuals to legally witness and certify the validity of signatures on documents.  Please bring your Photo ID and all pages of the document needing the Notary. 

With a Medallion Signature Guarantee the guarantor assumes financial responsibility associated with the endorsement.  A Medallion Signature Guarantee is typically required for the transfer of ownership of securities.  Family First staff has authority to sign up to $100,000 in transaction value on the document and can only sign for members of Family First FCU.  Please bring your Photo ID, all pages of the document and proof of ownership of the security.

A fee may apply to non-members for these services.