Safe Deposit Boxes

Family First safe deposit boxes are perfect for storing invaluable items. They are a great solution to securely store important documents, computer back up files, jewelry, rare collections, and other valuable items. Don't worry about finding hiding places at home that you might forget about or discovering valuable things have grown moldy, been chewed by mice, or otherwise damaged in old attics and musty basements. A Family First safe deposit box is a secure way to store those important items. We have three different sizes at an affordable cost. 

Sizes and Fees
3” x 5” x 24”                        $35 per year plus tax
3” x 10” x 24”                      $55 per year plus tax
5” x 10” x 24”                      $80 per year plus tax

Safe Deposit Boxes are only available at the Penfield and Webster Branches. Please call 585-586-8225 for Box availability.

Terms and Conditions:
Boxes are rented on an annual basis and the fee is set up for automatic payment from your Family First Share Account.  Access to boxes is controlled through dual keys and signature authorization.  Your box is only accessible to you or by any party designated by you on the agreement form.  If your key is lost and drilling is necessary, the member is responsible for this cost.  Box contents are not covered by NCUA Insurance.