Online Account Access

Family First’s On-line Banking lets you manage your money from the most convenient location of all, wherever you are! Log in at the top of our website, mark it as a private computer or public to control your level of security. Check balances, review account history, make transfers…whatever you need to do, anytime you need to do it. It’s secure and free. Don't have a computer? No problem. Each of our branches have a separate computer set aside in the lobby for our members to use if needed. Contact us today at 585-586-8225 to get set up for on-line banking!

Manage accounts by:

  • Tracking balances in savings, checking, or loans
  • Viewing cleared checks
  • Sorting transactions by amounts, dates, check numbers
  • Searching by selected criteria
  • Downloading to Quicken Software
  • Scheduling loan payments or account transfers
  • Transferring funds or making advances on credit lines
  • Activate and access On-line Bill Payment
  • Enrollment required for cross-member transfer capability
  • Use Pay Other People (POP) to transfer between institutions or pay an individual. After accounts are added and approved, you'll see your money in another institution in a couple of days! (please see fee schedule for potential fees)
  • Use Request Money to electronically request a payment to you from another individual