8 Easy Steps to Quick Business Loans

Quick business loans
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Take a listen to the Seven Figures podcast to learn helpful financial tips!

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First Time Auto Buying Program teaches and rewards healthy financial habits.

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Understanding the three-legged stool as a small business owner: It's about balance and collaboration.

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Changes to the STAR property tax relief program will affect new homeowners

Changes are bring make to the New York State STAR Program that will affect new homeowners.
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Trusting relationships and expert advice can help young adults make smarter financial decisions, saving thousands.

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Six Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Find out tips that will help you out if you're buying a home for the first time!
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Four tips to maintain a healthy mortgage pre-approval.

Helpful hints from our mortgage team about pre-approvals.
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Tax Scams to Watch Out For in 2016

It’s tax season, which means it’s also tax “scam” season. We’ve done the research to uncover some of the most popular scams out there right now and provide action steps in case you suspect someone is trying to pull one over on you.
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5 Critical Financial Topics to Talk About With Aging Parents

We want to protect our parents and their financial assets the same way they protected us. Doing so can feel overwhelming considering many of us are balancing a lot in our lives: kids, grandkids, our own finances, and then some. To simplify the process, here are five financial topics to discuss with your parents now to ensure their wishes are known and plans are made.
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