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Beginning the week of June 6, the hours at our Henrietta Branch will be changing. Please click here for more information.

All Family First branches and the Call Center will be closed on Monday, October 10 for Columbus Day. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

ALERT: Family First has recently been made aware of a scam spoofing our 585.586.8225 phone number. Please exercise caution if you receive a phone call claiming to be from our Fraud Department. Learn More…

Our Technology

Family First Technology

Whether you need to deposit a check with your smartphone, check your balance with a text message, email money to a friend, or pull up a statement online, we have all the technology for you to do so in a secure and efficient way!

Convenience at Your Fingertips

We’re always innovating new ways to help you spend and save smarter.

There’s so much you can do with our Online Banking and Mobile Banking App.

  • Check your balances
  • Secure Bill Payments
  • Transfer Money
  • Mobile Check Deposit
  • Mobile App Alerts
  • Digital Wallets

Banking Just Got That Much Easier

We have everything you need to do your banking, right to your fingertips. On the go, at work, in the waiting room- it doesn’t matter where you are! At Family First we are always keeping up and innovating with the latest technology to bring you the most convenience.

Some of the Technology We Have to Offer

Card Management with MobiMoney

Life happens fast, take control of your money! MobiMoney is a FREE mobile app that offers Family First debit and credit card holders a convenient way to manage their card(s) on the go. Turn your card on or off with ease.

Bill Payment

With our free online Bill Payment, you can pay anyone, any time, from anywhere that you can access the internet. The best part is, you are still in control because you indicate the amount you want paid and when you want it sent.

Text Us!

Have a question about our hours, rates or anything else? Text us at 585.586.8225 and one of our member service reps will text you back shortly with the info you need.

Mobile Check Deposit

Depositing checks using our mobile app, available for both Android and Apple devices, couldn't be easier! This free, safe, and convenient feature works in three simple steps. Just tap, snap, and deposit.

Online, Mobile and Text Banking

We know we live in an "I want it now" culture. But when it comes to having access to your money, that is critical! The Family First mobile app brings that anytime access to your mobile device.

Digital Wallets

You can leave your cards safely at home and enjoy the convenience and security of using the phone that is already in your hand to pay for purchases. We work with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.


Family First offers e-statements to get you your information fast and reduce paper clutter, saving trees! You will receive an e-mail when your statement is ready. Simply follow the link in the e-mail or log into home banking to view your e-statement.

Follow these easy steps to sign up: 1. Log into Home Banking at the top of the page 2. Go to the “Additional Services” menu 3. Click on “eStatements” and follow the prompts to opt in

Telephone Banking

We get it. Sometimes you just don't need to talk to a person. Get in, get out, and be done. That's why Family First offers a Telephone Banking System, iTalk! Manage your accounts from any touch tone phone at any time at no cost.

Pay Other People

Use Pay Other People to transfer between institutions or pay an individual. After accounts are added and approved, you'll see your money in another institution in a couple of days!

Joining is easy

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