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If you are having trouble reaching us at 585-586-8225, please use our toll-free number 1-800-356-1101.

Attention: Beginning June 5th, our Webster branch will be closed on Saturdays. With questions, please call us at 585.586.8225

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Personal Loans1 – 36 MonthsAs low as 6.99%
 36 – 60 MonthsAs low as 7.95%
Debt Consolidation1 – 36 MonthsAs low as 7.99%
 37 – 60 MonthsAs low as 8.95%
Pool and Hardscape Loans^1 – 60 MonthsAs low as 5.50%
 60 – 120 MonthsAs low as 5.75%
Misc. Secured1 – 36 MonthsAs low as 6.90%
 37 – 60 MonthsAs low as 7.50%
 60 – 84 MonthsAs low as 8.50%
New Boats, RV, Motorhomes1 – 60 MonthsAs Low as 7.40%
 61 – 120 MonthsAs Low as 7.95%
Used Boats, RV, Motorhomes1 – 60 MonthsAs Low as 7.95%
 61 – 120 MonthsAs Low as 8.95%
Share Secured1 – 144 MonthsDividend Rate + 2%
Rate may adjust quarterly  
Certificate Secured1 – 144 MonthsDividend Rate + 2%
Rate adjusted at certificate maturity  
MoneyLine (Line of Credit) 15.90%

APR is annual percentage rate.

^Pool loans have the following stipulations: In-ground pools only (can include hardscape – concrete and fencing); minimum loan amount $10,000; maximum loan amount $70,000; A mortgage will be filed on the property –mortgage tax, recording fees and flood certification will be paid by CU, if the loan is paid off within the first 24 months of origination the fees will be paid back by the borrower (TRID rule apply – LE and CD need to be issued – there will be a 3 day rescission period before funds can be disbursed); Items needed at application include estimate from the contractor installing the pool, copy of deed (showing ownership of property), income verification may be requested.

Rates are valid as of 05/11/2021.

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