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Tips on how to start a Small Business

Last Updated

February 10, 2020

Written By

Guy Taddeo

Maybe it’s something that has been in your imagination over a morning cup of coffee. Perhaps it’s an animated conversation you’ve had with a group of friends. But at some point or another, every person has asked themselves the question, “If I had to start a business of my own, what would it be?”


For some, the musing stops there, and they are content to have their profession in a corporate environment for the majority of their career. But for others, the thrill of becoming an entrepreneur, of being their own boss, and creating a thriving business is a dream that needs to become a reality. But imagining opening a coffee shop, an Italian restaurant, or a book store is only the first of many steps required to kick off your own company. Here are a few things to understand if you are contemplating starting your small business:

Small Business Owner helping customer

Find What Makes You Happy
This may seem like common sense, but how can you hope to open a small business (and have it stay operating for many years to come) if you don’t believe in its mission and what it stands for? Do something that will continue to give you satisfaction for the long-term, not the short term. After all, your happiness will translate to your customers, making them loyal and faithful followers of your brand.


Do the Proper Research
Business News Daily says it is critical to understand the industry you wish to be a part of in order for your business to be financially successful. It doesn’t matter if no one has ever thought of your particular idea before, you need to be aware of your competitors in order to have a place above them in the eyes of your future customers.


Know What’s Financially Realistic
Your first step, according to Business News Daily, when mapping out the finances of your future company, should be seeking capital from family and friends. Hopefully, between that and what you have, that is enough to get you off to a strong start. If you find that more finances are needed, seek out angel investors and venture capitalists to invest in your company. And of course, you can always apply for business loans through your local credit union and small business associations.


Starting a small business is a dream that countless people have. But turning that dream into a thriving and profitable reality is an entirely different thing. That’s where Family First Credit Union comes into the picture. We would be honored to be part of your entrepreneurial aspirations however we can. We offer a variety of loans to aspiring business owners like you that can kick start your financial success and your personal contentment.



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