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My Summer Internship at Family First

Last Updated

August 8, 2022

Written By

Suzanna Wojnowski

This summer I had the opportunity to join Family First Credit Union as a Marketing Intern. As a senior Marketing major at the State University of New York at Fredonia, this internship was the perfect chance for me to not only earn the required college credits but also gain real-world experience in a field that I’m passionate about.

I have been a member of Family First Credit Union my whole life, so prior to working here I already knew they were a trustworthy and reliable organization. Still, I was curious as to what I would be given to work on because I was under the impression a financial institution wouldn’t require a lot of promotions. I was proven wrong very quickly. As a consumer, one doesn’t think about all the work that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to advertising the products and services a credit union provides. Being exposed to the marketing tools that are used by Family First daily was an eye-opening experience, to say the least.




My Marketing mentors, Guy and Sarah, were excellent throughout my time here. They taught me so much in a matter of 10 weeks. Throughout my internship, I was given a variety of projects, many of which I completed independently. First, I would be shown how to complete a certain task and then I was allowed to do it on my own. I appreciated this a lot because I felt as though I was given enough instruction while also being granted enough freedom to create what I wanted. Guy and Sarah, along with the rest of the staff, treated me with the same respect as any other employee, making me feel appreciated and valued among my team. I was also able to learn and use the various marketing programs and technology available at the credit union, allowing me to expand my skill set and add experience to my resume which will help me stand out from other applicants when I start applying for jobs post-grad. 

It quickly became apparent to me how much thought and consideration goes into every product and service provided. The marketing team takes into account unique financial situations, different stages of life, and how current events may be impacting their members. Each product is evaluated carefully to be the most beneficial to the members at Family First. For example, I got to learn first-hand about the products that are available for college students. The team really cares about setting you up for success at a young age, with credit cardsstudent loans, and even first-time auto loans designed for young people who are just starting to establish credit. For students like myself, pursuing a master’s degree is a strong possibility and knowing that I have a trustworthy institution with student loans and consolidations available is a great comfort. Plus, their mobile app makes it easy to check balances, send payments, and transfer funds from anywhere, even when I’m back in Fredonia.



This internship has given me great insight into the field that I’m pursuing and what day-to-day life could look like for me post-grad. Having the opportunity to be immersed within the marketing department here has been an amazing experience. The valuable knowledge and skills I acquired during my internship are far more than I could have ever gained within a classroom setting. One of the credit union’s core values is Family, which is evident in the way they treat not only their members but their coworkers as well. Businesses can often struggle to maintain a healthy balance of companionship and professionalism, but Family First does it perfectly. After working with Family First, I feel far more confident about entering the workforce and I look forward to beginning my career!


Suzanna Wojnowski is currently a senior marketing major at SUNY Fredonia. She is a Rochester native and graduated from Eastridge High School in 2019.

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