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All Family First branches and the call center will be closed Monday, October 12 for Columbus Day.

Additional Member Services

Certain things aren’t easy to categorize. They are those little extras that make Family First a special place to do your banking. Whether it’s a safe deposit box, tickets to Sea Breeze, or doing wire transfers, we have plenty of perks you might not expect.

Financial Counseling

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How many credit cards should I have?
  • Should old cards be closed out or left dormant?
  • Is there an optimal debt to income ratio?
  • Am I better off to avoid debt all together?
  • How can I manage interest rate exposure?
  • Does it make better sense to get a loan or use equity in my home?
  • Are there helpful ways to consolidate what I owe currently?
  • Are there better ways to help my children than risking my own credit through co-signing?

You work to get a better golf score and strive for a better sales pitch. Why not a better credit score? 

Having a better credit score could save you thousands in interest and other fees over time. Whether you want to go from 400 to 500 or even 680 to 780, we can show you the principals that can make it happen.

Let our certified specialist help you sort through all the clamor and get to real specific answers that help you! Call us today at 585.586.8225 and set up an appointment.

Your Credit Score

It’s important to keep track of your credit score to make sure it’s being reported properly. Here are websites you can go to check your credit.

Annual Credit Report Request Service:  PO Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281  Phone: 877.322.8228    Website:

: PO Box 2104, Allen, TX 75013-2104
   Order your report: 888.397.3742     Report fraud: 888.397.3742

PO Box 1000, Chester, PA 19022   
Order your report: 800.888.4213
   Report fraud: 800.680.7289

 PO Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374
   Order your report: 800.685.1111 Report fraud:  888.766.0008    Website:

Wire Transfers

Need to move money and don’t want to handle the cash? A wire transfer is an electronic movement of funds and is the quickest way to move funds between financial institutions. The funds are guaranteed through a wire transfer, which means they are available for withdrawal immediately after receipt. Family First provides the service of incoming and outgoing wires for domestic transactions. We do not process international wire transfers.

Some of the Other Services We Offer

Notary Public

Need a Notary or Medallion Signature Guarantee? This service is available at all of our branches; however, it is best if you give us a call to schedule a time so we can ensure a licensed staff member is available. Don’t sign your documents until you get there because you must sign in the presence of the Notary or Signature Guarantee administrator.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Family First safe deposit boxes are perfect for storing invaluable items like important documents, computer back up files, jewelry, rare collections, and other valuables. A Family First safe deposit box is a secure way to store those important items. They are available at our Penfield and Webster branches and have three different sizes at an affordable cost.

Trustage Insurance

As a benefit of your Family First membership, you have access to the TruStage® Auto & Home Insurance Program as well as AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment) Insurance.

Discount Tickets

Enjoy all the benefits of membership. Family First offers discounted pre-paid admission tickets to a variety of local attractions and events. Tickets can be purchased at the teller lines in any of our branches. Some tickets are only available seasonally. We also sell postage stamps at all branches.

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